Montag, 8. April 2013

Weeks 3 - 4

In the last few weeks i did lots and lots of Animal sketches and had so much fun while doing it.
Again it was great to constantly get feedback from Jake... be it with a critique, or comments or in our Q&A...
I tried drawing digitally and traditionally just to mix it up and experience both sides.
In Photoshop i worked with a standard charcoal brush and analog i just stuck with my beloved conte crayons :-)

I think i definitely made some progress... i feel more confident in the methods and techniques i use and i feel that i hit proportions much better now (but im still far from any decent drawing)

So heres we go...
I mostly structured my sessions in some 1-3 minute sketches at the beginning, then moving on to 5 minutes, then 10 and in the end even some 15min, which was the time limit Jake gave me.

Another part of the assignment was, especially for the longer ones, to try to figure out the 3D shapes and how they look in space... I tried my best... but didnt succeed every time :-)

Theres a lot of stuff to learn... Jake especially commented on more confident lines and getting away from drawing the same line over and over again...
I also feel that i really have to put in an effort to fully grasp the concept of line weight and how to apply it properly...
And of course... proportion, lighting etc...

but i definitely had a lot of fun...

so on to the next assignment...
Creature design silhouettes :-)


Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Weeks 1 + 2

So this week we did some basic "Get used to photoshop" assignments which werent that hard for me because i already know PS quite well. But it was nice to see and discover it from a painters perspective.
I also did 5 Paintings to study values and painting techniques. (See below incl. original) That was a LOT of fun and quite challenging.

Its crazy how much there is to learn and try out. I love this soooo much!
On to animal sketches in the next two weeks. Woohoo!

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

CG Spectrum

 So after TSA closed down last December and i couldnt even finish the life drawing workshop, im now working with Jake Collinge and CG Spectrum in a Drawing/Concept Art basics workshop.

So far its an AWESOME experience and i can only say that they definitely are worth the money. A 1h personal 1 on 1 Q&A + a very extensive video critique every week AND Jake comments on all the WIP work that i upload almost immediately. This is so motivating and its so much fun!

And since im also iAnimate "on the side", Jake even agreed to stretch out my schedule so that i have enough time to finish all my assignments. Really cool stuff!

First works will be uploaded soon.

Sonntag, 4. November 2012

Draw 100 - Skulls

Wooozaaa! Ive just finished my first Draw 100 Challenge. And for that i chose to do Skulls. I think its a perfect base to learn to draw better faces. I dont know yet what im gonna do next... maybe hands... or feet... or just faces or so... :-) we will see :-)

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

TSA Session 4

In this session we continued working with line... We explored the relations between straight and bent lines and we looked at two different ways of blocking in general shapes and then draw the detailed line on top.

I like number 2 and 3 a lot... feels like i made another big leap forward...

By the way... most of the stuff is drawn with conté crayons on 24 x 36" newsprint.
Sometimes we used willow charcoal or some red chalk to block in... but i really like the marks i can make with the contés...

K... that was it for now... im having the next TSA session on saturday, and im working on a draw 100 challenge as well... i thought to start with im doing skulls... its good to learn anatomy and will hopefully help those absolutely ridiculous faces im currently drawing :-) im on 72 drawings or so at the moment and i hope i can finish it till next monday... Alright... thanks for the attention hahaha

TSA - Session three

In this session we started working with line instead of overal shapes and gesture. I love it so much to see what different techniques there are to explore... and i will definitely repeat this class in winter... just to do all the stuff again, before i move on to life drawing 2.

Again sorry for the poor quality... i promise ill shoot better pictures next time :-)

Open life drawing - 09.27.2012

This is from a open life drawing session on a thursday night at TSA.
I was just messing around with materials, trying to figure out how to draw values and not to be too intimidated by how good the people drew who were sitting next to me :-)